Why You Should Not Attempt Denture Repair at Home

Posted on: February 1, 2020

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Finding out you are in need of denture repair can be a pain. You rely on your dentures every single day. This means when your dentures have somehow become damaged, you want to have them repaired in a timely manner so you can once again perform everyday activities such as eating and smiling without issue.

Reasons for denture repair

While you never want to be in need of denture repair services, you just never know when something might happen that requires you to have your dentures repaired. This is why it is so essential for you to understand how to properly care for your dentures, as properly cared-for dentures are less likely to experience any problems.

When it comes to how dentures need to be repaired, it simply depends on the type of dentures and how severe the damage is. Some of the more common reasons for denture repair include dropping them, letting them dry out, everyday stress from chewing, temperature variations when consuming foods and drinks and when there have been changes occurring within the mouth, including soft tissues and bone loss.

Why at-home denture repair should not be attempted

The list below includes three common reasons why denture wearers should not attempt any at-home denture repairs.

1. Unsafe glues

Many denture wearers who attempt to repair their own dentures at home will use unsafe glues and not even know it. Many types of glue contain toxic substances, which can not only harm the actual dentures, but they can also change the taste of one’s food and even cause an allergic reaction. Because at-home glues are not dental glues, this solution is not only unsafe, it is also very temporary.

2. Improper repairs make dentures worse

When dentures are damaged, it is essential that they are repaired in a way that allows them to be worn in a comfortable manner. This means every denture repair needs to support the wearer's bite so they can perform their everyday activities without worrying about an uncomfortable fit. This makes it important for dentures to repaired in a way that makes them once again comfortable to wear.

3. Mouth pain

Improper denture repair could potentially cause a denture wearer pain. This is especially true if there are any parts sticking out of the damaged dentures or sharp edges that could cut the inside of the mouth or lips. At-home denture repair could even make the dentures unwearable, making it necessary to buy a new pair of dentures.

Are you in need of denture repair?

Have you damaged your dentures? If you are in need of repair so that you can once again use your dentures properly, it is essential for you to take your dentures in for professional repair rather than fixing them yourself. If you do attempt to repair your damaged dentures and make them worse, then you may have done additional damage to your dentures that makes them no longer usable.

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