What Are Same-day Dental Implants?

Posted on: May 7, 2021

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Dental implants surgery usually takes months to complete because the surgeons have to wait until the jawbone and gums heal before they can attach the artificial teeth to the implants. Even though this method is very successful, some people do not have the patience to wait months to complete the process and are opting for same-day implants instead.

Everything to know about same-day dental implants

Same-day dental implants allow oral surgeons to replace missing teeth on the same day a patient receives their dental implants. Therefore, patients do not have to wait months for the gums to heal before the artificial tooth is attached to the implant. However, only patients with enough bone density in their jaws can undergo this procedure.

What should patients expect during the procedure?

The same-day implant procedure is minimally invasive and efficient. After the initial consultation to determine if the patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure, the surgeon will give the patient local anesthesia. Then, the surgeon will cut into the patient’s gums and jawbone to insert the implant. Instead of just placing the implant and waiting for the gums to heal before attaching the dental crown, the oral surgeon will attach the crown and complete the implant process at once. When the anesthesia wears off, the patient will be in a little pain. However, the oral surgeon will prescribe medication to help them manage the pain.

What are the benefits of same-day dental implants?

It takes less time to get same-day dental implants in comparison to traditional implants. As the name suggests, same-day dental implants are completed in one visit to the oral surgeon. This saves the patient a lot of time as the procedure does not require waiting several months for the gums to heal before the artificial tooth can be attached to the implant.

Due to the crown being placed on the dental implant right away, the gums often grow around it giving it a more natural look. With traditional dental implants, the gums sometimes cover the implant before the artificial tooth is attached and need to be cut again before the tooth can be attached.

What are the risks associated with same-day implants?

Since same-day implants still require surgery, there are a few risks involved. However, the biggest risk associated with same-day implants is the fact that the implant may fail. Traditional dental implants have a high success rate, while it is not always the case with same-day implants.


Same-day dental implants offer a quicker alternative to dental implants for people who do not want to wait for months to complete the process. If you have missing teeth and are thinking about replacing them with dental implants, talk to your oral surgeon to find out if you can replace the missing teeth with same-day implants. Not everyone is a good candidate so schedule a consultation today so that your oral surgeon can explain the entire process to you.

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