Preventive Dentistry Preserves and Protects Your Teeth

Posted on: January 17, 2022

Preventive Dentistry Bellevue, WA

Preventive dentistry allows you to maintain healthy gums and teeth. A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. This practice also prevents dental problems. It saves you from developing difficulties in smiling, speaking, and eating. If you want to know how this practice protects your teeth, here are the details.

The dental exam

The dentist will check the patient’s gums, soft tissues, and teeth. A preventive dentistry exam is thorough. A visual exam and dental X-rays can help the dentist perform a more efficient dental exam. The early detection of dental problems is the top priority. Success often springs from early treatments.

This exam includes checking the patient’s bite and TMJ (temporomandibular joint). The dentist will see if the patient has bruxism or a TMJ disorder. Treatment will start right away if the patient has these problems. The preventive dentistry exam includes a detailed dental cleaning. This maintains the patient’s oral health until the next dental visit.

Preventive dentistry strategies

The attending dentist will apply preventive dental care strategies. This will help the patient maintain healthy teeth and gums. These strategies can happen at home or in the dental clinic. Daily oral care can prevent plaque buildup and tartar formation. A healthy diet can provide essential nutrients for gum tissue repair and bone growth. Limiting sugar intake can decrease bacterial activity in the mouth.

Professional dental cleaning is a technique in preventive dentistry. It removes plaque, tartar, and trapped food particles. This strategy can treat minor stains and tooth decay. Routine dental checks can keep an eye on the dental development in children. These visits can also help detect oral problems like periodontitis.

Dentists can prescribe mouthguards. These dental appliances can protect the teeth from sports injuries. They can also prevent dental damage from bruxism. Dental sealants shield the teeth from food particles and bacteria. Orthodontic treatments correct dental misalignment. This helps prevent the development of dental and bite problems in a developing mouth.

Avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco can prevent plaque buildup and gum disease. It can also keep oral cancer and tooth loss at bay. Preventive dentistry also includes health education. Dentists can teach patients proper oral care practices. They can also help establish good oral hygiene habits, especially in children.

Emphasis on fluoride

Preventive dentistry stresses the importance of fluoride use in dental care. Fluoride is a natural element. Developing teeth in children can absorb fluoride well. It can strengthen and re-mineralize dental structures. This will increase their resistance to tooth decay.

Topical fluoride is a crucial ingredient in mouth rinses and toothpaste. It can strengthen and protect teeth from the outside. Systemic fluoride is part of the diet. It is in the water and supplements. The dentist can recommend the right form of fluoride for the patient.

Protect your teeth and make them last longer

Maintaining the health and integrity of teeth starts at an early age. Children experience many advantages in preventive dentistry. This practice can strengthen and protect teeth from serious dental problems. Working with your dentist will allow you to enjoy your healthy teeth and gums longer.

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