Guide To False Teeth and Dentures

Posted on: March 16, 2018

DenturesWe can treat teeth that sustain extensive damage or are missing with dentures, dental implants and other solutions. Artificial teeth will empower you to eat a wide variety of foods.  Furthermore, false teeth will beautify your smile, giving you the confidence you need to part your lips whenever you desire, regardless of who is in your presence.

If you are wondering whether dentures are right for your mouth, this is the informative guide you need. We can help you determine whether false teeth are the optimal solution and which type is the best for your mouth.

The Basics of Dentures

Denture treatment commences with a comprehensive checkup in which the dentist analyzes your oral health condition.  The dentist will advise you of the optimal treatment option depending on your requirements. A complete examination of your gums and teeth will be necessary to gauge whether artificial teeth prove successful or if another option is ideal.  If partial dentures are under consideration, it might also be necessary for a radiograph to be performed.

A radiograph serves the purpose of evaluating whether the teeth are formidable enough to support dentures.  It is possible tooth extraction will be necessary. Recovery time hinges on the number of teeth removed. The dentist takes impressions of the mouth so customized dentures can be added to allow for just the right fit.  You can discuss the different shape, size and color options with your dentist at this point. It might take a couple visits to ensure the fit of the conventional or immediate dentures is ideal.

Immediate dentures can be made and placed on the same day as the extraction.  Traditional dentures usually take a couple weeks to generate. Once the dentist places the denture, he or she will ensure the fit is just right.  If your dentures do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to ask the dentist to make an adjustment.

How to Tell if Dentures are Right for You

If you have lost several teeth or all of your teeth, dentures can replace them, providing you with the false teeth necessary to fill out your mouth and consume whatever foods you desire.  Even if you have natural teeth remaining in your mouth, you might benefit from a partial denture as opposed to full dentures.

Dentures are available for people of all ages so do not assume they will not suffice for your mouth just because you have not reached your golden years. Plenty of middle-aged people and even some of those in their 20s and 30s rely on dentures.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for those who have lost one or several teeth and do not want to deal with dentures.  The surgeon positions dental implants by adding metal screws to the jaw bone. These metal screws serve as the anchor for the false teeth.  Though dental implants are sometimes criticized for being costly if you were to poll those who received dental implants, almost all of them would rave about the success of their implants.

Implant-retained Denture

Implant-retained dentures are incredibly effective.  This highly-stable denture attaches to titanium abutments within the bony tissue of the jaw bone.  Meet with your dentist to discuss these false teeth options in-depth and select the approach best for your nuanced oral health.

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