Dental Prosthetics Used for Tooth Repair

Posted on: October 15, 2021

Tooth Repair Bellevue, WA

Tooth repair is one of the most common dental emergencies that patients face. Not only is this an urgent cosmetic issue, but it can turn into a serious oral health situation. Failing to repair a damaged tooth can be painful and lead to severe decay and infections. Fortunately, the dentist has different options available to handle these matters. As you understand how these procedures work, you can have peace of mind in knowing that a new smile and improved health awaits.

Tooth damage and how it happens

A tooth should last a person’s lifetime. The outer layer of a tooth, called the enamel, is the hardest substance in the body, even harder than bones. Still, a hard blow to the face, biting into an object, or weakened enamel through decay can cause damage and require tooth repair. Minor damage, such as chips, is common in the front teeth. Cracked teeth may not be visible except through a dental examination or X-rays. Breaking teeth can be painful and requires immediate attention.


When a tooth is so badly damaged that saving it is not possible, the dentist may determine that dentures are necessary for tooth repair. In this situation, the dentist will pull out the damaged tooth or teeth. Partial dentures will then replace the teeth to provide a natural-looking solution. The dentures consist of an acrylic, gum-colored base framework with artificial teeth attached to it. The base can either be removable or permanent.


Dental implants are another type of tooth repair when the natural tooth is not healthy enough to remain in the mouth. An implant usually lasts longer than dentures, sometimes providing more than 20 years of durability. The implant consists of a screw-like titanium post, a smaller piece called an abutment, and a crown. Implants provide a strong bite force and restore the person’s smile.

The dentist will first numb the patient and make an incision in the gums. Then, the dentist will place the post deep into the jawbone, stitching the wound after the post is secure. The post and bone fuse, and the patient then heals. A few months later, the person returns to the office for the abutment. The dentist reopens the gums and attaches the abutment. After another period of healing, the crown is placed.

Dental crown for tooth repair

If a tooth is damaged, but extraction is not necessary, a crown could be the right treatment option. The dentist will take X-rays and examine the patient to determine this. A crown covers the entire tooth, protecting it from cracking or breaking more. The crown also helps to prevent decay or infection. It stabilizes the tooth and restores its form and function. The dentist will need to reshape the tooth so that the crown fits properly.

Repairing your tooth is possible

Breaking or cracking a tooth can cause pain and be a stressful situation. You do not need to despair, however. Help is available to restore your smile. Your dentist has these methods of tooth repair to get you feeling well and looking the way you want.

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