Common Causes of Toothaches

Posted on: February 2, 2022

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Toothaches can happen at any time. You could be enjoying your favorite cup of coffee and pain could strike without warning. The pain could prevent you from staying functional all day. Understanding the causes of tooth pain can help pinpoint the cause of your toothache. If you want to find out the common causes of toothaches, here are the facts.

Abscessed tooth

Toothaches from an infected tooth often come with swollen gums and a severe infection in the tooth root. There could also be bone loss at the infection site. An abscessed tooth can result from enamel thinning, dental trauma, and severe decay. Pain from this type of dental problem should receive prompt treatment.

An emergency appointment can help relieve pain from an abscessed tooth. Darkening and swollen gums may accompany the pain. Taking several pain relievers often result in little to no improvement. The dentist will inspect the infected tooth and determine the ideal treatment for it.

Tooth decay

Cavities often result from poor dental care. Failure to floss and brush the right way will result in tiny holes in teeth. A high-carbohydrate diet can feed the bad bacteria in the mouth. This will result in more bacterial acids and more cavities.

Severe, untreated cavities result in intense toothaches. The damage and infection may have reached the pulp already. The dentist will need to perform root canal therapy at this stage. The dentist will remove the infected pulp and fill the tooth with gutta-percha. Placing a dental crown over the tooth will protect and strengthen the treated tooth. Damage that has reached the jawbone means the dentist will need to remove the tooth.

Gum disease

A person can also experience toothaches from gum disease. This gum condition often results from plaque buildup and poor dental care. Bacteria in plaque can cause gum bleeding and swelling. Gingivitis does not hurt in most cases. It could lead to gum disease and tooth loss if it does not receive immediate treatment.

Bite problems

An abnormal bite can cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders. This is when the upper dental arch positions in a more forward position. The upper and lower teeth do not hit each other the right way. This condition results in painful biting and chewing. Toothaches may also occur because of this. Seeing the dentist for routine dental checks can help relieve the discomfort.

Wisdom teeth

Erupting wisdom teeth are common causes of toothaches. The pain comes from the back upper or lower molar areas. Removing wisdom teeth may be the only solution to severe toothaches. Impacted wisdom teeth are also a common reason for molar pain. This type of problem will need surgery to remove the impacted wisdom teeth. Early wisdom tooth extraction is the ideal solution to persistent toothaches.

Toothaches need urgent attention from your dentist

Pain is always a sign of a problem. Toothaches spring up because of a developing or an immediate issue. Regular dental visits can catch these problems early. Early dental treatments can prevent or even stop your dental pain.

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