Adjustments for Partial Dentures

Posted on: February 15, 2021

Dentures And Partial Dentures Bellevue, WA

For many people, dentures help them eat and speak normally while going through life. If you have partial dentures, you know this to be true. Additionally, you probably know how important it is to care for your dentures and keep up on regular maintenance. Just like full dentures, partial dentures require a specific amount of care if you want them to last and continue fitting well. When a denture begins to feel loose or your gums begin feeling sore, it may be time for an adjustment.

Partial denture adjustments

For new denture wearers, adjustments are a regular part of the fabrication process. Before many wearers are even able to leave a general dentist office with their dentures, they have to sit through an adjustment or fitting to ensure the dentures fit well. Additional adjustments are often needed throughout the life of a denture due to a number of factors, including changes in a wearer’s facial structure and gums. The following signs may be indications that a wearer should have their dentures adjusted.

Broken, cracked or chipped teeth

When a denture wearer notices damage to a denture tooth or it falls out of the denture base, an adjustment may be in order. However, it is important not to attempt a self-repair, because when teeth are not properly reattached, it may result in an irregular fit. When denture teeth are chipped or cracked, the resulting uneven surface may rub against a wearer’s gums and irritate the sensitive tissue. When this happens, a dentist or prosthodontist will have to repair the denture.

Changes in chewing or speaking ability

One of the main reasons why patients opt for dentures is to help improve chewing or speaking function. When dentures do not fit right, it can make it difficult for the wearer to chew food correctly. Speaking can also be affected when dentures begin to slip and slide around inside the mouth. When this happens, a denture wearer may begin to lisp or experience slurred speech. A quick trip to a general dentist can remedy this.

Pain or discomfort

Denture wearers should never experience pain or discomfort while wearing dentures. Discomfort is not normal. Instead, over time dentures should begin to feel like normal teeth. When wearers notice pain or discomfort in their jaw or gumline, it is time to meet with a general dentist. A quick exam will be able to tell if an adjustment is in order.

Appearance of sores

Pressure and oral sores are an indication that dentures need to be adjusted. Pressure sores occur when dentures no longer fit well. They develop along a wearer’s gumline when dentures put more pressure on one area of the gums than another. Oral sores, on the other hand, are not necessarily caused by dentures. Instead, oral sores happen when fissures or cracks form in a denture, exposing patches of gum tissue to bacteria that could develop into canker sores or thrush.

Schedule a denture adjustment today

If your dentures are no longer fitting how they should, consider scheduling an appointment with a general dentist to discuss an adjustment. Over time, dentures can become worn and damaged, causing them to fit poorly. As a result, you may notice problems with your speech or ability to chew. A quick adjustment can fix these issues.

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