5 Ways You Are Harming Your Gums

Posted on: March 2, 2018

GumsYou might be harming your gums and not even know it.  Something as simple as brushing incorrectly can lead to considerable gum damage.  Gum damage is preventable if you are mindful of your actions. Here is a look at a few ways in which you might be harming your gums and how to minimize the damage.

Brushing too Hard can Damage the Gums

Though brushing the gums is important, the manner in which you brush matters the most.  It is not enough to brush your chompers and leave the rest of your mouth rife with bacteria and little bits of food.  You should lightly brush your gums after you brush your teeth. However, be careful to avoid applying excess pressure when brushing your gums.

Move your toothbrush in short circles as you clean the gums as opposed to moving the brush left to right.  Such horizontal brush movement is more likely to damage the gums than small circular motions. If you have gum damage or are worried about it, consider transitioning to an electric toothbrush that replicates the brushing motion without posing a threat to your gums.

Failing to Floss in a Gentle Manner

If you move floss between your teeth and gums haphazardly, you will eventually damage your gums.  Floss in a gentle manner to avoid such damage. The floss should be moved with precision to reach the spaces between teeth and the gums.  Move the floss so it forms the shape of a “C,” allowing it to clean the gum line without causing harm.

If your gums bleed while flossing, move the floss slower as you pluck that food debris out of the spaces between your teeth.  Furthermore, you should refrain from snapping your floss into the gums. It might help to switch to ribbon floss that is softer than plastic or nylon and that much less likely to result in bleeding.

Tobacco is a Threat to Gum Health

Tobacco and cigarettes can cause gum disease.  It is quite interesting to note using tobacco will weaken the immune system to the point it makes it that much more difficult to ward off gum infections.  If you are hooked on tobacco, consider asking for assistance from a medical health professional or support program.

Skipping the Mouthwash

Dentists around the world recommend using mouthwash at least once per day.  If you skip rinsing with mouthwash, your chances of having gum disease will increase.  Today’s mouthwashes contain anti-microbial agents and fluoride that combat the formation of plaque, tartar and subsequent gum disease.

An Imbalanced Diet

Food that contains a considerable amount of starch and sugar will lead to bacteria growth in your mouth.  This bacteria will cause plaque to form and eventually lead to gum disease. Harmful foods for your gums range from soda pop to pastries, pasta, cereal, candy and beyond. Choose nutritious foods and your body will have the vitamins necessary to safeguard your gums against decay and disease.

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