4 Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on: August 9, 2021

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Bellevue, WA

Wisdom tooth extraction is one way of maintaining optimal dental health. Many dentists are now recommending the removal of wisdom teeth. These teeth are the third set of molars. They are the last ones to erupt when all the other teeth have aligned already. If you are considering wisdom tooth extraction, here are the important benefits of the procedure.

1.Prevents damage to surrounding teeth

The eruption of wisdom teeth can put pressure on the neighboring teeth. A wisdom tooth pushes against the teeth next to it, loosening and weakening its roots. It can even grind away the enamel of the second molars. This leaves the neighboring teeth prone to decay and tooth loss.

A wisdom tooth extraction is an order because these teeth are often difficult to reach. This makes wisdom teeth challenging to clean each time. What is worse is an impacted or partially impacted wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth have gum tissue covering them. This prevents the teeth from emerging. The patient cannot clean impacted wisdom teeth.

Partially impacted wisdom teeth do not allow complete dental cleaning as well. These teeth only expose a small part of the developed teeth. This exposes the erupted parts to bacteria. That is why these teeth end up decaying.

Wisdom tooth extraction must happen the moment the tooth has developed completely. This will prevent decay from taking over the wisdom tooth. It can then spare the patient from going through uncomfortable and expensive fillings and root canals. The damage wisdom teeth cause to the neighboring teeth is more than enough reason for a person to have a wisdom tooth extraction.

2.Results in fewer orthodontic issues

Dentists recommend wisdom tooth extraction to prevent overcrowding. This is a dental issue in which there is not enough room for all teeth to develop and establish. Overcrowding often results in dental misalignment. The patient could ask the dentist for a wisdom tooth extraction to prevent dental crookedness.

Overcrowding results in crooked teeth. This produces unreachable corners between teeth. This encourages bacteria to thrive. A wisdom tooth extraction can make teeth cleaning easier. Brushing and flossing become more efficient because of aligned teeth. Plaque and dental calculus become less likely to take over.

3.Prevents cysts, jaw problems, and facial pain

Wisdom teeth can encourage bacterial growth and collection. The infection can form cysts. These third molars can cause problems with the temporomandibular joint. Emerging wisdom teeth often cause sensitivities and facial pain.

A wisdom tooth extraction can prevent cyst formation, infection, and bite problems. This results in pain-free biting, speaking, and chewing. The procedure removes the pressure from the eruption of wisdom teeth. It can stop headaches and any form of discomfort.

4.Lowers the risk of inflammation and oral issues

Gum infections tend to develop because of the presence of wisdom teeth. Inflammation happens later as the infection gets worse. The infection can then spread deep into the gums and the jawbone. Without wisdom tooth extraction, the infection can reach the nerves and blood vessels. This results in sepsis, which can be life-threatening.

Wisdom tooth extraction can optimize your health

Some people try to live with their wisdom teeth. As they do, various dental problems arise. Preventing these problems is always a priority. That is why most dentists recommend a wisdom tooth extraction. An appointment for wisdom tooth extraction can relieve your discomfort and give you optimal dental health.

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